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Tilting Planet Multimedia started off with an interest in seeing Video used more effectively in the Church by Philip Blair. In those days digital Video was just appearing and so it was beginning to be possible for smaller organizations to afford to have Video production as a part of their communications arsenal. Of course there were many bumps in the road with technology and many productions were stalled or even lost due to the limitations of computer and media storage in the late 90's. On several occasions the computer nearly went out the window but the experience of seeing people laugh and cry during a Video built real passion for harnessing the power of Video.

In January of 2001 Tilting Planet was formed and registered humbly in a bedroom on a New Power Mac G4. Our first customer was APE Playground Equipment. Eddie DeJong of APE took a chance with us in the early days and kept us busy with a significant Video project for them. Of course with any fledgling business the first months and years are tough times and Tilting Planet Multimedia was no exception.
In the past years Tilting Planet has moved to a Studio and has grown to include a larger staff and much more powerful equipment including a PowerMac G5 suite, iMac, Canon XL1 cameras, and powerful non-linear editing software like the Final Cut Pro Editing Suite.

Besides Video Production we have also grown to offer unique website design for our clients including E-commerce. We now also offer complete turnkey promotional consulting from web to print to training.

It's exhilarating today to be busy and growing in a business that makes a difference raising money for non-profit's or helps promote some great businesses. It's still exciting to see people moved by Video or excited about their new website while having an opportunity to be creative online or onscreen.

Make sure you check out our profile section and see what we've created for others and give us a call to discuss your ideas (519.332.3450)

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