Turn home videos into DVDs!

Turn home videos into DVDs!
Your child's first steps....chocolate icing all over your little ones face....a quick smile, laugh and a grin....
Your families' home videos are likely stored on VHS or some other form of tape. The problem is that tape degrades over time. Tape is also very susceptible to twisting, humidity, changes in temperature. It is also true that as more and more families move to the DVD format for home entertainment we are beginning to see the VCR - VHS format disappear, in fact other digital recording technologies are now more and more common with the advent of digital satellite and digital cable.
What does this mean?
This means that if you want to preserve those precious first steps, those gleeful jumps into the pool and those birthday grins you will have to transfer those home movies from the analogue format you are currently using to DVD, otherwise in a few years you may have yellow, faded, or damaged footage.

Exciting things are happening today in Video! We can add your favorite songs to the background of your home video, if you want we can even re-edit your footage and produce a stunning short video from your footage that will enthrall family and friends - all packaged on a state of the art DVD that you can bring along and play on any DVD player or DVD enabled computer. We can do the same thing for your still pictures or slides too. Delight your family and friends with shots of last Christmas or one of the kids birthday parties to the next party or family gathering on the TV!
We are sure that you will find our prices very reasonable and the quality of work unmatched! Locally owned and operated, Tilting Planet Multimedia is "smile - inducing technology"!

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